About Us

“We are respected innovators and suppliers of window covering solutions for the design industry, with intense focus on customer devotion and social integrity.”

Our History

Helser Brothers is lead by the dynamic duo of Jay and Mark Helser, brothers, innovators, and highly-complimentary business partners. Beginning in 1996, in a 900 square foot suite, Helser Brothers has come a long way. In 2003, the company expanded into its current location, a 19,000 square-foot manufacturing facility located in the heart of the Chandler, Arizona business district.

Jay and Mark Helser were raised in a large family where they learned work ethics and practiced the golden rule. As adolescents, the brothers became instinctive entrepreneurs, talking for many years of starting a business together. That opportunity would come sooner than either of them expected.

Jay Helser first stepped into the drapery hardware industry in the mid-eighties as an installer’s helper. For the next nine years, he installed draperies independently for design firms and drapery workrooms in the Phoenix, Arizona area. As Mark explained, “Jay quickly gained a reputation for really knowing his stuff in the drapery hardware industry. He would often get called in on the tough installs because he was very creative in how he approached and owned his clients’ problems. Even back then, he had a reputation for providing over-the-top customer service. Jay has continued to be a huge strength to our company over the years.”

In Jay’s words, “I saw everything that everyone was installing—a huge variety of different products and hardware, and saw an opportunity in the market for high-quality iron hardware. One day, after making the third trip in a row to a local blacksmith to solve the same problem, and being handed a coffee can full of sticky paint-covered rings, it hit me, ‘If this is how suppliers to this industry behave, we could just smoke them.’ I hurried over to my brother’s work and said, ‘we have an opportunity here, and we can do this. Later that night, over dinner at my house, we worked ourselves into a frenzy talking about the possibilities.” That day, the brothers discovered how their unique talents would fit together like puzzle pieces to create the perfect business they had been seeking.

Mark Helser, proved to be the other critical half to the Helser formula and to the company they would build together. Mark first exhibited his mechanical proficiency, when at the young age of seven, he wired his bedroom with a doorbell and an alarm system, undoubtedly to keep all those brothers at bay! At ten, he bought his first welder to begin building custom bicycles for kids in the neighborhood, including a motorized side car bicycle to deliver newspapers. By fifteen, he had purchased his first car and immediately turned it into a custom convertible roadster.

The automobile industry began to take notice of his mechanical prowess; such that by the age of eighteen, Mark had been in several custom car magazines showing off his unique creations. It was just a few years later, while studying business at a community college and working full time creating high-end custom off-road race-cars, that the idea of building a business around custom drapery hardware became a reality. Jay explained, “He was building roll cages to protect drivers during extreme crashes. We quickly realized that building drapery rods and hardware is pretty much cake after that kind of experience.”

The two brothers combined their expertise to manufacture custom drapery hardware the Helser Way! Jay brought his reputation for relentless customer service and his intuitive industry knowledge, and Mark combined his reputation for high quality and excellence in manufacturing. Both recognized the critical role strong manufacturing processes, precision metal working, tight tolerances, and extremely high quality would play when combined with over-the-top customer service. This approach was met with immediate success, initially for clients in the local market, and since expanding to beautify the homes, businesses, resorts, and palaces of Helser’s clients throughout the world.

Several key factors play a role in the continued success of Helser Brothers. We offer competitive and simple pricing, free shipping, guaranteed quick turn-around time, original custom designs, and a six-point check and balance system to ensure clients get exactly what they order each and every time.

As our company continues to expand, so has our outstanding team of associates! We are blown away by the passion they share with us in providing high-quality, innovative products and highly addictive customer service. This has been an awesome journey and we look forward to the continued input from you–our clients–as we strive to lead the industry forward!

Jay & Mark Helser
The Helser Brothers!